Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 19. April 2016 14:34
Here's some good news for all our international customers. Australia Post has restructured it's shipping costs as of 18th April 2016. To stay up to date with this new price structure we have adjusted our shipping cost accordingly. For Smaller parcels up to about 1kg international shipping has increased slightly $5-$15 on average, although the good news is above 2kg the costs have come down considerably with an average of $25-$50 decrease for packages 3kg - 5kg & as much as $100 decrease for packages up to 10kg . Express shipping has also become a lot more affordable. So what does this mean to you? If you are considering purchasing items from our store page be sure to bundle your orders together to get the best deal on shipping. Maybe ask your friends if there's anything they need while you're at it. Click the store button above to visit our store.


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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 23. December 2015 11:54
To see out 2015 we've put together a video detailing the fitting of our MT09/FZ09 turbo kit, it includes a complete description of the kit & some handy tips when fitting it.

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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 11. December 2015 16:34

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MT09 turbo,

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 17. August 2015 19:57

We now have easy-fit Turbo kits for the Yamaha MT09/FZ09!


Turn your MT09 into a Hayabusa hunting animal. With better than 1hp/kg ratio your MT09/FZ09 has the potential to beat any factory bike, on, or off the street. Check out our store for details.

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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 21. May 2015 09:31

Adding to our top clamp range we now carry billet top clamps with risers  to suit the 04-08 R1, avaliable as a direct replacement with the ignition switch in the stock position or without the Ignition switch for those wanting to mount their dash as close to the top clamp as possible. Avaliable now on our store page.



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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 21. November 2014 08:50

After many months of preparation we are proud to announce the launch of our new Online Store. Please check out our products and if you have any questions please let us know.



Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 19. November 2014 08:59

We are almost finished building this Yamaha MT-09 Drift bike for Yamaha's Aussie stunt rider Dave Mckenna. Featuring one of our brand new & first of it's kind MT-09 turbo kit, Here it is being tuned on the dyno. More photo's & videos of the finished bike will be posted soon.


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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 17. July 2014 15:46

Here's a little video showing the installation process for our Suzuki fork extensions.

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 1. July 2014 09:30

Thanks to our freinds @ Hoon Tv for putting this video of the day together. Showing the progression throughout the day.

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 24. June 2014 19:06

We've had the ZX12R back on the dyno for a final tune & the results were quite impressive, 507hp at 27psi  boost, with the owner riding this bike to the dyno & home again it's a true streetbike, all tuning was done on 98 octane Premium unleaded fuel. A video of the day will be up soon.


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