Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 17. July 2014 15:46

Here's a little video showing the installation process for our Suzuki fork extensions.

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 1. July 2014 09:30

Thanks to our freinds @ Hoon Tv for putting this video of the day together. Showing the progression throughout the day.

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 24. June 2014 19:06

We've had the ZX12R back on the dyno for a final tune & the results were quite impressive, 507hp at 27psi  boost, with the owner riding this bike to the dyno & home again it's a true streetbike, all tuning was done on 98 octane Premium unleaded fuel. A video of the day will be up soon.


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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 29. January 2014 08:37

We've just about finished building this brand new Yamaha MT-09 stunt bike for Dave McKenna, the list of custom parts we've built includes Billet top triple clamp that incorporates a GPR steering damper & a re positioned billet dash mount, stunt rear brake setup that uses two R1 front calipers controlled by an R1 radial brake master cylinder on the LH handlebar & a stock rear brake mounted on one of our billet brackets. A billet subcage & foot plate, a billet crash cage & billet crash knobs with replaceable sliders, a 55 Tooth custom alloy sprocket made to match the wheel design, adjustable rear suspension dogbones, We've still got a few parts to make, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more photos.


Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 15. December 2013 21:14

Here's something a bit different, we've  just restored this Alpina for a customer, it was a basket case when it arrived so we are very happy with the end result, better than brand new.


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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 4. October 2013 11:20

We have just finished the first run of both of these billet top clamps, designed to be direct fit & accept the stock ignition barrel / immobiliser. Perfect when converting to streetfighter style bike or just adapting higher bars for a more comfortable riding position.Both clamps are now in stock in Black anodised finish.

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 8. August 2013 22:43

We have just finished building this monster for a customer, here's a video of the dyno tuning session. all tuning was performed using BP ultimate fuel. for a full rundown of the build check out our Facebook page.

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Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 6. July 2013 21:54

We've just completed this 2008 model ZX10R build in a modern take on a cafe racer theme. For more photos check our facebook page.

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 1. May 2013 22:17

We now have in stock these fork extensions in both  50mm & 75mm lenghts to suit Gen 1 & Gen 2 Hayabusa, B King, & K1-K8 GSXR1000.

They come in an anodised black finish & are perfect when doing late model upside down fork conversions where original forks are much longer. Or when ride height needs to be increased.

Posted by Ben @ Extreme Creations 4. February 2013 09:56

Boxer put together this cool little video showing how we went about machining the plenum chamber base plate for the Hoonda project.


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